Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shrimp Daddy and the Sharpshooters at The Southside Shuffle

I attended the 13th annual South Side Suffle Blues Festival in Port Credit, Ontario, this past Saturday night. It is a wonderful thing to see live music jutting out of every nook and corner of this very quaint town. The quality of the artists are superb here in Mississauga for some unknown reason. The season is short in Canada for outdoor live music, and this year's festival had great weather to capture the event.

I came to see Shrimp Daddy play, as I had seen him before at the Toronto Blues Society harmonica seminar and later at the Maple Blues Awards. He is a very personable fellow, with a great passion for the blues. This was my first time seeing the Sharpshooters, who are a very tight band with an awesome keyboardist from Australia and lead guitarist.

Shrimp Daddy has a deep bluesy sound that makes this genre so beautiful. His harmonica style is superb as he uses the full range of the harp, and even usese multiple harps within one song. Originally from Montreal, he is friends with Barath Rajakumar, also of Montreal, who may be one of Canada's greatest harp and blues singers.

I picked up Shrimp Daddy's latest CD "Messin with My System", which was produced by Steve Mariner of Monkey Junk. This same band is last year's Maple Blues award winner and Steve plays multiple instruments and sings in the band. Mariner, also won best Harp player of the year. Another outstanding talented musician. The bottom line is that there are some deeply talented musicians connecting and working with Shrimp Daddy, and the sound is paying off.

For some great full sounding blues and awesome harp, check out Shrimp Daddy and the Sharp Shooters.

Keep on Bluesing with Feeling,

The Adventure Guy

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