Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trent Turner and the Moontowers, Austin Texas, Blues

A few weeks ago I was in Austin Texas,The world Live Music Captial. Austin is the
home of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lance Armstrong, and the location where my cousin was getting married. On a warm Friday evening, we decided to go explore Austin's live music scene.

We asked a local police officer if there was any establishment he recommended and he suggested the corner bar near where we were standing, which name escapes me now.

Upon entering we were aghast at the sight of this very clean cut looking musician, working his guitar like no other blues artist I had ever seen. At one point in the set he was on his knees playing the guitar with his tongue with incredible precision. Some ladies were very excited watching this part of the show. The sound was superb and his guitar skills were unsurpassed as he played with the guitar behind his back and sang.
The barmaid confirmed that the musician was also a medical doctor in Austin and the drummer a christian minister! I thought it was a special mixture of education and art that this would go somewhere. I introduced myself and informed him I was a novice blues harp musician and memeber of the Toronto Blues Society.

I recently received an email from Trent telling me that he had made the Austin Blues competition finals and was potentially going to go to Memphis for the National Blues competition. I subsequently read that he made it into second place in Austin and was not chosen to go to Memphis. What a loss.

For any guitarist, blues enthusiasts or just plain good old excellen music check out you won't be dissappointed.

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  1. Nice words. We are very proud of Trent down here. You can catch him live on the internet this Saturday night 1/16/10 from 10-11pm central time

    Stay warm up there.